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  Title DVC Required Media available IC
a Adams, Bryan - Waking up the neighbours      
  Aida - Home Cinema Sound Demonstration Disc      
  Aida - Home Cinema Sound Demonstration Disc (Bose)      
  Armstrong, Louis - An American Songbook      
b Best Live, The      
  BMB Karaoke 11      
  BMB Karaoke 71      
  Bon Jovi - Keep the faith (An Evening with Bon Jovi)      
  Brown, James - Non stop hitmachine      
  BZN - Starring you      
c CD-I Ready Steady Go!      
  Christmas Songbook, A      
  Classical Jukebox      
  Classical Musicbook      
  Cool Oldies Jukebox      
  Cranberries, The - Doors and Windows      
  Cream of Eric Clapton, The      
  Cure - Show      
d Director's Cut - Rosebud, The      
e Earth Rhythms      
g Gershwin Connection      
  Giunti Karaoke Collection No. 8      
  Golden Oldies Jukebox      
h Headcrash      
i Italian Karaoke Collection No. 8      
  IVC - Interactive Video Chartz Marz 97      
j Jazz Giants      
k Karaoke - Kids      
  Karaoke - Nederlandse tophits Vol. 1      
  Karaoke - Nederlandse tophits Vol. 2      
  Karaoke - Nederlandse tophits Vol. 3      
  Karaoke - Party      
  Karaoke - Voetbal      
  Karaoke Christmas and winter songs      
  Karaoke Klassicos      
  Karaoke Klassics 1: Family Favourites      
  Karaoke Klassics 2: Greatest Love Duets      
  Karaoke Klassics 3: Male Standards      
  Karaoke Klassics 4: Contemporary Pop Female      
  Karaoke Klassics 5: Special Occasions      
m Mega Popclassics      
  Mozart - A musical biography      
n Nationale Muziekkado 1995, Het      
o One step ahead      
p Pavarotti - O sole mio      
  PolyGram Music sampler with Online ordering      
r Royal Classics - The classics you love      
s Season's Greetings from Philips Media in 1994      
  Secrets of Tatjana      
  Sticks 'n' fire - Stop that train      
  Sting - Ten summoner's tales      
t Tatjana's Double Deal      
  Townshend, Pete - Live      
  TR-I: No world order      
  Turner, Tina - Rio '88      
  Two Unlimited - Beyond Limits      
w Webber, Andrew Lloyd - The premiere collection encore      
  Worlds of..., The      
x Xplora 1 - Peter Gabriel's Secret World      


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