Philips CD-i related web sites:
The New International CD-i Association
The ICDIA, as we all know it, has been given a new life and is in the very good hands of the people behind

Main features include:
The CD-i FAQ 2000: The most up-to-date CD-i FAQ on the web.
CD-i Related Articles

CD-i Technical Documentation: documents about CD-i hardware components.
The CDinteractive network
Established in June 2005, the CDinteractive network was created in response to the deteriorating CD-i resources available on the internet to the general public. The only aim of the network is to provide full hosting services to any CD-i related website furnishing any project with webspace, e-mail, integral community forums, domain name and the full support of their staff.

Main features include:
The CDnteractive Forum: Home of all CD-i discussions!
Interactive Dreams
Coming from the man who might just be one of the most active members of the Blackmoon gang and a true CD-i encyclopedia, we have recently had the pleasure of seeing a new CD-i blog in our interactive landscape. Interactive Dreams, a blog maintained mainly by Bas from Holland is one of those sites that goes just a little bit further than the others, by giving you more than reviews and descriptions, but also adding interviews, behind the scenes info, reviews of unreleased titles and so much more. Above all, the site is updated regularly with fresh information. Aided by Devin, whom we already know from the Blackmoon Project, the CD-i forums and the Blackmoon store, this site is certainly worth a visit, followed by a top spot in your favorites list.
The Black Moon Project
The Black Moon Project is focused upon cataloguing every Philips CD-i title ever officially made into a comprehensive list. Primarily the list will provide information about each CD-i titles performance and compatibility with the CD-i emulator CD-ice by Pete Dabbs, a former developer/programmer of the CD-i system.
The Blackmoon Project CD-i Store
The Blackmoon Project CD-i Store is trying to bring you the best CD-i software and hardware that's still available. All items are - 10 years after the official CD-i launch - in mint condition, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about.
CD-i Emulator Home
Home of the one and only CD-i emulator. A truly valuable addition to the worldwide CD-i scene.
Uw eigen CD-i startpagina
A great portal to many CD-i related resources online. It's in Dutch but anyone can find his or her way around the site. One for the favorites!
The World of CD-i

Another one of those sites that has been around for I can't remember how long! The former "Le Monde du CD-i" has been completely restyled, updated and is much better than it used to be. An incredible amount of features you won't find elsewhere. You need to register to gain access, but it's worth it!
The CD-i Collective  
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