LG GDI 700

The GDI 700 was especially intented for institutional and commercial situations. It was equiped with 32 KB of NV-RAM and a serial port allowing up to 38.4Kbps connections for fast modem communications. The player, which had integrated MPEG capability, was based on the Motorola 68341 Integrated CD-i Engine.


Sony IVO-V10 / IVO-V11

Sony called their portable CD-i players Intelligent Discman. There were two models with an LCD display, the IVO-V10 and IVO-V11 (see picture). The IVO-V11 was an improved version of the IVO-V10, it solved some compatibility issues and it was compatible with the standard for CD-i pointing devices. Besides these models, there was also a Sony CD-i portable without an LCD screen. The players could not be upgraded with Digital Video functionality. They were intented for professional usage.


Digital Video Systems, Inc.

DVS, a small multimedia company from the US, produces its own CD-i player for professional applications: the Video Engine 200 (see picture). As from the end of 2000, this unit is still on sale.