Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen from Denmark sold a version of their BeoCenter A/V ampliances with an integrated CD-i player placed on top of the TV set's cabinet. Altough the CD-drive was marketed as a multi-platform CD-player and not directly as a CD-i player, the system (based on Philips technology) could actually play all CD-i compatible disc formats. Defenitly the most expensive CD-i player ever!



Memorex, a brand name of Tandy, sold an OEM-version of Philips' CDI 910 called Memorex CDI 2200, with a slightly customized front panel in a different color setting.



Grundig of Germany sold an OEM-version of Philips' CDI 220 as CDI 100V. Furthermore they sold the CDI 470 under their own brand name as the CDI 110E.